We believe it's important to understand the difference in raw hair and virgin hair so that you understand how vital it is to be gentle with your new investment. Virgin hair is hair that has been steam treated or chemically altered to seal cuticles and give the hair texture. Raw hair is not treated and therefore will behave as if it were hair that is growing form your scalp. As we know our scalp produces its own natural oils through our sebaceous glands that are intended to nourish and protect it. The hair extensions have been detached from that gland, so it's important to treat your extensions as you would your own natural hair to maintain the health and elasticity. Below you will find a few tips to maintain your extensions. As always you may reach out to support for any questions or concerns at


1. Shampoo the raw hair bundles using a sulfate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner. Rinse the hair with lukewarm to cool water. Never use extremely hot water. It will dry your hair out.

2. Use a detangling brush to detangle or comb through the hair starting at the ends and working your way up toward the weft.

3. Apply a lite weight leave-in conditioner. 

3.Lay your bundles out flat or hang them to air dry for your appointment. Never install bundles prior to having them shampooed.

4. For heat styling use a heat protectant. We recommend Kenra's Thermal Protectant Spray. 

5. Never set your heated tools above 450 degrees. You can damage the hair.

6. In between installs shampoo, condition and steam treat your bundles. Store them in the Satin satchel provided in a cool dry place. Never store wet or damp hair. It will cause mildew.

7. Always consult a beauty professional for coloring services.