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Bentley Hair Company, caters to an exclusive commnuity that demands a prestige level of quality in their extensions and haircare. A Brand developed to embody the entire essence of a women of class, substance, and unrefined beauty. Our hair is sourced from young donors to ensure every gram is pure, unprocessed, and full from weft to ends. We pride ourselves on providing quality, paired with superb customer service. Our mission is to ensure that each order is recieved with 100% satisfaction. Our raw hair and all natural products deliver every single time. Shop to Experience opulence like never before.

  • The Perfect Hair!

    This hair is amazing! Shedding is minimal to none and it colored so flawlessly. Great quality.

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  • First Timer🤍

    This was my first time wearing raw hair extensions. I am happy with my purchase. This is my 4th install using these bundles. I am sold!

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  • Pure Bliss

    This hair is nothing short of amazing. They deliver every single time. The hairs luster is stunning and its full all the way through to the ends. Oh, and shedding is none exsitent!

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